Zuck’s Going Public so I guess I gotta cut

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Who knows where this will go, but Zuck’s going public for what, 100 bil? The least I can do is honor his historic IPO by shamelessly seeking attention and axing a few virtual cronies. A pair of cuts are below. Enjoy em cause I don’t have a clue when this is coming back.

This Russian chick (might have been American born, but I’ll remember her more for her knowledge of vodka than for her time dabbling in field hockey at a posh public school in Fairfield County). I liked this girl too, but we haven’t exchanged a word since we were 19, so I’m not really sure why we’re still friends. Well actually, we no longer are. Hence, like, this blog or whatever.

Also cut this gorgeous chick who went to Penn and yet was somehow devoid of jappy qualities. And the best part was she had a Jewish last name. German Jew probably. That alone is reason enough to cut her, since I guess in the 40’s the established German Jews in America styled themselves as faux wasps and wouldn’t squander that never-actually-respected street cred on, like, shutting down the concentration camps. Ironically enough, I met this girl on a weekend get away to that most waspy of vacation destinations: Nantucket. This girl is really cool and really attractive, but I’m not sure she remembers me. If she does, I’d definitely hit confirm in two seconds if she ever attempted to re-friend me.



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