The Bro Responds…Or Does he? Open Forum

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

UPDATE: THE CULPRIT HAS BEEN DISCOVERED. This post was not penned by the actual cut. Fortunate for him, unfortunate for my chances of truly going viral.

So yesterday, I discussed the tricky dynamics involved in trimming the fraternal herd (“cutting the bros” to put it more forwardly). I got two comments on the post, but you’ll notice I’ve only approved one (my first truly negative response actually–thanks anonymous hater at 1:09 AM!). I bring your attention to that point not because I want to toot my own horn about my thick skin, but because I didn’t want people to think that the reason I’ve yet to approve the aforementioned pending comment had anything to do with an aversion to criticism. Criticism makes for good reading. What might not make for good, or at least true reading is a post from someone pretending to be someone who got cut.

In short, I woke up this morning to a comment awaiting my approval that seemingly was to good to be true. I was going to approve it (if someone posts in the comment section, they’re expecting it to get put on the site) but then I realized it might have been fake. I’ve been torn all day about whether it’s legit or not and I’ve decided there’s only one thing to do: put it to a vote/discussion. So I will post the comment below (changing the name of either the impostor poster or the real poster for the sake of protecting their identity and keeping with self-created 500 FF rules) and let you all decide. I encourage you to comment with real analysis. By the way, if this is real, it’s an absolute gem and complete affirmation of what initially was a semi-difficult decision…Here it is…(stars denote names used in comment–yes, I keep my name anonymous; a number of readers do not know me and while I make a point of promoting this site, I don’t need to be overly exposed)

Why did you defriend me [******]? I know for you this is just a fun game, but for those of us that religiously read your blog it’s genuinely hurtful.

First, I was involved in the house – I was in the play, which only 2 other seniors were in (********* and *****). Involvement in the house – check.

Also, I was and am debaucherous. I still drink and party on the regular and I could probably drink you under the table. Again – check.

Check + Check = checkmate.

__ __ __,
Brother **********

I have many, many thoughts, but I want to open it up to you all first. So lets hear what you think? Is he that unaware that he feels the need to boast of his debauchery and play the 11th grade “I could probably drink you under the table card?” (I’m sure you could, BRO!!! THE MAN!!). Or, is this the work of a huckster and fellow bro from my collegiate years? You be the judge.

***__ __ __= a three letter acronym which members of my fraternity sometimes ironically or seriously use in lieu of “sincerely.” I have omitted it in the admittedly unlikely event that current members of the fraternity catch shit from higher-ups at the national office about this blog (some of the brotherhood is eternal types in their 70’s really don’t mess around).

More cuts coming soon…Follow along on twitter for the latest updates. @500fewerfriends

  1. Anonymous says:

    My guess is it’s a fake, or the person didn’t realize the comment would be public.

    I get the feeling it’s fake because I can’t imagine a person with such a low level of self-awareness.

    The only alternative is that it’s the real person, but he didn’t realize the comment would be public, like a “contact us” form on the internet. The response was so personalized (and personal) that it makes me think it was intended to be private.

    I think those are the only two plausible alternatives, but I’m leaning toward the latter as more probable.

  2. liebs says:

    if this comment is real and said brother actually cares enough that you de-friended him to send you this, that is sad. anonymous brother is in his late twenties, probably hasn’t spoke to you since he graduated, and cares more about facebook friends than most 7th grade girls.

    with that said, if you de-friend me i will blow your house up with a hellfire missile. unless of course the subsequent blog entry makes me laugh.

    • BPT says:

      Blowing up a suburban residence in western MA doesn’t seem like a good use government-owned weapons. I’m sure the news story would be make get a lot of “diggs” though: “Pilot goes AWOL: flies Apache to Northhampton and lays siege upon placid community after getting de-friended on facebook.”

  3. Christie says:

    I like that your hater both doesn’t care about your blog and wishes you updated more often. Lol.

    I think the other comment could be real. Who would take the time to write a fake comment?

  4. 05dml says:

    i think it’s real. but i think he’s trying to be ironic, with maybe a touch of real hurt that he’s trying to laugh away…but who knows?

  5. lana says:

    its def fake

    and if you de-friend me, i will send lev after you

  6. frats says:

    an SAE would never de-friend a brother.

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