Day 1: The first Ten to Go

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

I didn’t expect it’d be terribly emotional in the early going and, to be honest, it wasn’t. Here’s a quick summary of the first ten to go ( I don’t intend to include names, but I will provide brief descriptions so as to provide insight into my decision making process).

My best high school experience took place the summer before my senior year when I spent a few weeks at political summer school at Georgetown University (yup, really Political summer camp. Junior Statesmen represent). I met a ton of amazing people. I remain in contact with a handful and facebook friends with a bunch. One of those friends was a smart, progressively-inclined, bro who loved playing basketball and writing. He later ended up at the University of Iowa and Miami Law and he now works for the public defender’s office in Miami. I knew all of this only because of facebook. Sounds like a great dude on his way to big things. Unfortunately, I’m not sure he’d even remember me and we haven’t talked in almost eight years. Cut.

Another girl from that program was cut too. She was a bit jappy and from Boca Raton, which, at the time, proved too much to handle for a kid from western Massachusetts. I guess she was nice but we were only friendly because I dated a girl who she was friends with at the program. Shorty got the axe.

One of my best friends to this day went to Harvard. I visited him freshman year and met a girl who lived in his freshman residence hall. She was smart and grew up near Bruce Springsteen. We haven’t spoken since. I was tempted to keep her around for the Ivy League cred, but our status was not one of even facebook-level friendship. She had to go.

The now 29 year-old who held the sweet job of official little league score keeper from the age of 11 until probably 20 was a community fixture and his old man was a history teacher at my high school. He was a die hard Colorado Rockies fan from the day that franchise started and I seldom saw him without that cap on. Unfortunately, we haven’t spoken in at least seven years. If he somehow scurried across this blog and mentioned it to me, I’d re-friend him in a heart beat. And buy him a beer.

I visited a friend who was doing a one year program working with emotionally disturbed youths in Memphis after college. We went to a casino with one of her co-workers, a cool-ass dude who played football at the University of Memphis. That was last October and we haven’t spoken since. I wish we had. He was cool as shit. So cool in fact, that he probably doesn’t remember my name or face and thus probably wouldn’t even want to remain my friend on the book.

I believe it was after my senior year in HS when I met this young lady. I was in Nantucket at a dear friend’s summer house celebrating our graduation from high school. She was the childhood friend of my friend’s cousin. She was blonde and pretty and from a fancy NY private school on her way to Tulane. I made out with her. It was awesome and I felt pretty cool. We never spoke again. Her pics are now blocked, so sporadic stalking isn’t an option. I think she met a buddy I went to college with and told him she knew me like a year ago. My buddy didn’t make it sound like she had especially fond memories of me. That momentarily gave me pause. We’re no longer friends on the book.

A girl who I’d never met but was friends with a close friend from college, a girl who I played co-ed softball with for two games in college, a friend’s platonic hook-up from study abroad, and the mascot of my alma mater’s campus cafe rounded out the first ten.


Least Regret: Ursa Bear (the fictitious animal from Ursa’s Cafe in St. Louis, Mo)

Most Nostalgia For: Scorekeeper. That kid was playing fantasy baseball before the internet. Tough to say goodbye to a character like that.

Emotionally Healthiest De-Friending: Nantucket make-out. There’s always the possibility I could have name-dropped her to a close friend of hers at a bar. Said friend might have texted her. She, I suspect, would have reacted in one of two ways: “Aumm, yeah, who is that?” or “He still remembers that? Sketchy.”

Gender Breakdown: 3 dudes, 6 girls, and an androgynous mascot.




  1. Jane says:

    there is no such thing as a platonic hookup

  2. dml says:

    Yeah platonic means someone w/whom you DON’T hookup…ergo, platonic hookup is not a thing.

    • That comment was from my girlfriend. Thanks for the support, doll. Oh, and for the record, I am aware of the term’s meaning. I just wanted to sort if turn it on its head by explaining how this girl who was essentially just a friend of my buddy’s ended up hooking up with him a couple times. Poor phrasing, yes, but it’s got a nice ring to it.

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